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Signal party for 150th Gettysburg NPS event.
Federal Signals Camp at PA Monument
150th NPS Gettysburg  July 1,2,3 2013
Lt Foster observing Gen Meade's HQ
Lt Foster and Pvt Kukura preparing to signal
l-r   Pvt Patz  Lt Foster  Sgt Cocco  Pvt Kukura
Sgt Cocco and Pvt Kukura sending message to Gen Meade  Lt Foster observing
Gen Meade's signal station (lower left of equestian statue)
150th Cedar Creek  October 18-19 2014
Flag training
l-r  Pvt Lee Cocco Lt Mark Hegeman Cpt Mark Williams Pvt Eric Cocco Pvt Jason Robertson Pvt Jim McConnell Pvt Sam Foster Pvt Joe Lockbaum
l-r Pvt Darius Brenneman Lt Sam Foster Col Dennis Rohrbaugh BG Mike Maffei Sgt Lee Cocco
Pvt Cocco scouting for reb signals
First Federal Signals
HQ's signal party
Pvt McConnell receives signalman patch from Gen Baldwin
l-r  Pvt McConnell Pvt Patz Pvt Nagg
Color Guard Statue Dedication   11/11/2013
Civil War statue dedicated Veterans Day 2013 at
Indiana County PA.

Note:  This statue is the most western Civil War statue in the state of Pennsylvania.